Windows Into Nature

Abundance Creative brings the essence of nature into your everyday life through beautiful contemporary wall art. 

Nature is the hero of our story.

It is a living masterpiece. Something that surrounds us, heals us, and helps us to grow. It is something we escape to, and relax in. Somewhere where we create memories and start new adventures - a constant source of energy, abundance, and of course beauty. It is all of this, and more. And through our stunning gallery-quality wall art we capture nature’s beauty, and bring it into your home.

Using exceptional materials and jaw-dropping imagery our pieces bring your interiors to life, providing a window into the outside world that will help you escape back to nature no matter where you are. 

About the Artist

Abundance Creative is the brainchild of Gabriela Herrera.

A Graphic Artist with many years of experience, Gabriela can trace her love of nature back to her earliest memories.

During her career Gabriela has worked with some great brands in Vancouver, Canada, in sectors ranging from real estate, resort development, furniture, fashion and film. But it is her passion for home decor and interior design that led her to found Abundance Creative.

A positive thinker with a love of nature and the impact it can have on our lives, Gabriela is combining her professional experience with her personal passion to open up a window to the outside world within everybody’s home.

Gabriela believes that nature is itself a masterpiece and that organic forms are the pinnacle of design. Through her work she aims to capture this beauty and bring it into peoples’ home decor through her exquisite contemporary wall art.

With a belief that beautiful wall art doesn’t just have the power to transform spaces but also lives, Gabriela is using her skills to craft a range of beautiful collections that capture nature’s beauty and bring its energy and essence into any space.

About our Wall Art

Designed in Canada, our wall art captures the raw beauty of nature and combines it with modern digital photographic techniques to create masterpieces for your home. 

Each of our carefully curated creations tells a story.

We capture the essence of botanicals from succulents to tropical plants and water lilies to roses, showcasing the exquisite beauty of some of nature’s most stunning creations.

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at Abundance Creative.

Our pieces are created using state-of-the-art printing systems in Europe, which ensures that nothing gets lost in translation. With crystal clear contours and vibrant colours, our prints enable you to escape to the tranquility of nature, even if you’re in the heart of the city.

Each of our modern frameless pieces is also mounted under 4 mm of acrylic glass to add depth and vibrancy, while also ensuring that you can enjoy your window into the outside world for decades to come. 

Product Features

  • Crystal-clear, glossy acrylic glass. 
  • Sophisticated mounting attached on the reverse.
  • Brilliant colours and UV protection printing.
  • First class prints with high-end photo papers. 

Ready to Hang

  • Parallel aluminum rails: for pictures with any edge from 26 – 50 cm.
  • Bordering aluminum rail: for pictures with any edge over 50 cm.
  • The integrated wall-mounts on the back of each piece make it easy to hang securely.

Our Promise

People who buy our wall art are much more than just customers, they’re part of our community. 

You are the heart of everything we do at Abundance Creative. And our success isn't measured by the number of pieces we’ve sold, but by how happy you are.

We believe in trust, patience, generosity, nurturing and listening.

That’s why we make every customer a promise: To treat you how we would want to be treated ourselves, to provide the very best customer service, and to inspire you as much as you inspire us!